Madison Francesca Finn or also known as "Maddie" or the "Finn
ster" is the protagonist of the book series, thus the name of the series: From the Files of Madison Finn. She is 12 years old and a seventh grader in Far Hills Junior High. Her parents are divorced and she struggles with that mostly through out the books. Throughout the series, Madison writes about her daily life on her files which she uses as a personal diary. She has a pug Phineas T or rather known as "Phin". With everything going around her, Madison uses her orange laptop to write to her keypal, go online and chat with her BFFs on


  • Madison's favourite colour is orange
  • In her lifetime, a total of seven boys liked her: Egg, Drew, Dan, Hart, Mark, Hugh and Will. All of them are her good friends with the exception of Mark and Hugh.
  • In the 9th book of the series, Just Visiting, Mark is the first boy Madison has kissed
  • While her friends love to be in center of attention, Madison prefers working "behind the scenes".
  • Madison has a fear of talking to large crowds.
  • While her mother is a vegeterian, Madison is a proud meat eater.
  • She loves making collages and hand making gifts for her BFF's or family
  • Madison also seems to be a "Hello Kitty" fan as she has pencils and t-shirts of her.
  • She loves animals, and has a dog, Phin


Aimee Gillespie

Aimee has been friends with Madison ever since they were born. Madison finds her sometimes blunt and a bit mean, but Aimee is quick to apologize afterwards. Aimee loves to gossip, but she wouldn't hurt her friends, and Madison knows that. When she started taking a like to Ben Buckley, Madison was a bit surprised but later respected Aimee's choice. When Aimee became anorexic, Madison was worried for her health along with Fiona and often asked if she was okay.

Fiona Waters


When Fiona came to Far Hills, Madison was quick to make friends with her. She introduced to her Aimee and the three became BFFs. Madison was a little bit surprised when Fiona took a liking to her best guy friend, Walter "Egg" Diaz, but eventually accepted it. Madison always thought Fiona was smart and gave very good advice.

Lindsay Frost

Madison had known her since first grade, but never really knew her well. Madison knew her as the girl

who had an incredible voice, but was very shy. Lindsay always thought she was overweight, but Madison always tried to raise her confidence. Lindsay invited Madison to her party in New York City, where the two became closer. When Lindsay said her parents we're going to get divorced, Madison comforted her and it became something they had in common.